Dandelions In The Garden

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Dandelions In The Garden

Author Charlie Courtland

Amara Borbala is certain she is the only living person in the sane world with intimate knowledge concerning the life and exploits of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. After all, she was Elizabeth s companion and confidant since her eleventh year. In 1573, after the death of her mother, Amara is sent by her cousin to serve as a lady-in-waiting at the castles of Sarvar, Varanno, and Cachtice. Now it is years later, 1628, and Amara is aging, alone, and reduced to eavesdropping at her favorite cafe around the corner from her townhouse in Vienna. Befuddled by gossiping ladies, Amara determines perhaps it is time to finally put a stop to the rumors and once and for all, answer the question, Is it true? Did Elizabeth Bathory, a descendant of Vlad Tepes really commit the horrible acts of torture, bathe in the blood of slaughtered virgins, and dabble in the dark magic that she was accused of during her trial? One thing is certain, Amara knows the truth, but will it be enough to explain the habits of her friend? Dandelions In The Garden is book one in a two-part series that begins with the journey of Amara, an impressionable girl who follows the Blood Countess through all the horrid events that lead to her rise and secure her place in history.


“An intriguing and fresh historical fiction novel chronicling the life of the infamous mass murderer known throughout history as the Blood Countess. The Countess Elizabeth Bathory is a descendant of Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as, the Impaler and most notable for being the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. However, I believe it was his ancestor, Elizabeth Bathory, who should get much of the credit for the character’s dark immortality. It was she was rumored to have bathed in and drank the blood of virgins in an attempt to preserve her eternal beauty.

Dandelions In The Garden is book one, in a two-part series told from the point-of-view of the main character, Amara Borbala who becomes Elizabeth’s life-long companion, confidante and accomplice.”

July 01, 2010  A Must Read for the Strong of Heart   5 Stars

I am a fan of stories about strong willed women. ‘Dandelions in the Garden’ fits the bill. I am also a fan of books written in the Victorian era where women have to be conniving, sneaky and sometimes brutal to survive in a time where men rule.  Elizabeth and Amara perfect characters, I enjoyed every page. Can not wait for the next book ‘The Hidden Will of the Dragon.’  This new author is fantastic. Hope to see many many more books by Charlie Courtland in the future. Well done.

February 18, 2010  Exceptional Writing by a Talented Young Author !!! 5 Stars

February 18, 2010: I selected this book as the title intrigued me. I am prone to Historical fiction and this read did not disapoint. Exceptional writing by a talented new author. Very impressive. Refreshing to feature females as the main characters, especially in the 1600 era where authors tend to have the men dominate.  Story flowed from page to page. I was finished with the entire book in one night. Now I can’t wait to read it again. Note: contains some explcit sexual content and graphic violence. Suggested for adult readers only.

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  • Paperback: 526 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon; First edition (December 7, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449977804


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One Response to Dandelions In The Garden

  1. keta diablo says:

    526 pages — wow! I wasn’t even aware you had a book out. I’d be very pleased to put the information on my blog if you like. E-mail me and I’ll tell you what I need.

    Fondly, Keta
    ps: The book sounds fascinating! I love historical fiction.

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