The Jeremy Snaps of the Dragon

THE JEREMY: Snaps of the Dragon

Author Jo S. Wun

The story of an English boy’s life in Britain during the 50’s and 60’s.

Born into a Catholic household in the Year of the Dragon, his progress is revealed through snapshots of the milestone events which forge his character. Life’s oddities, including family, religion, education and sex, regularly present themselves for attention during his quest for that elusive thing called ‘enlightenment’, but fortunately, he is not alone. Help arrives in the form of Mrs Bulging Bosoms, the Colonel, Professor Melchior Da Maven and Lewd Rude Dude, to name a few of his advisers, who endeavour to guide him in the ways of the world. Unfortunately, they don’t always agree.

GEMS: From the moment of conception the reader is placed intimately inside the head of the Jeremy.  Stylistically, Wun achieves respect by remaining dedicated to the intense process that adopting such a perspective entails.  This is a fantastic example and exercise of ‘being inside the characters head,’ literally.  While inside, the reader not only sees humanity through the eyes of the Jeremy, but also is presented with questions that might spark one’s own self-awareness and exploration.  Why do we ‘remember’ certain events and forget others?  Is the brain really like a computer with filing components and sub-categories?  And, if this is true, what happens when it becomes fragmented and crashes.  Perhaps, the Jeremy will inspire different questions for other readers, but it undoubtedly will raise some kind of questioning and if nothing else, make for a great debate even if it doesn’t inspire enlightenment.

FLAWS: The achievement of successfully accomplishing this choice of perspective, ‘inside the characters head,’ might also be a deterrent for readers seeking a less literary, stylistic read.  The intensity can be overwhelming and a bit exhausting. It may feel disjointed or scattered at times, but I believe this is vital to portraying the thinking and memories of the human mind.  However, some readers might not care for the style used to tell the tale.  This is no light read, so settle in and get ready to question as you go on a crazy journey.

Bitsy Rating: 4 Stars


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  1. Sa Toya says:

    I am currently reading this book so coming across your review has been a great find. I really like your blog.

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