The Seven Year Bitch

The Seven Year Bitch

Author Jennifer Belle

From the bestselling author of High Maintenance comes a witty, heartfelt comic novel about marriage, motherhood, and discovering that the life you have is exactly the one you want. Isolde Brilliant used to have a life she recognized. She was working in finance, she had a devoted, if neurotic, husband, and a perfectly acceptable apartment in downtown Manhattan. But once Izzy’s wish to become a mother finally comes true, she is laid off from her job, and her old world falls by the wayside. Although she’s surprised with motherhood’s hidden pleasures-jaunts to the park, bickering with other mothers, and the sense of accomplishment she feels in having made it through her son’s first year-her marriage is on shaky ground and she feels lost. She just can’t quite get a grip on what to do now that she has all-or most-of the things she’s ever wanted. As Izzy ponders her next move, her best friend announces that she is leaving her husband. Balancing the demands of marriage and motherhood for seven years has made her feel like a nag, a shrew, a…you-know-what, and she’s determined that the only way out is to leave. Izzy tries to avoid a similar fate, but as new challenges and temptations arise for her, she begins to wonder if there might be some inescapable grain of truth in her friend’s outlandish theory.

GEMS: East Coast, more specifically upper-class New Yorker humor that relates closely to the dialogue from the Housewives of Manhattan.  The keeping up with ‘class’ way of living is ridiculously funny, but sadly true, which makes some moments hysterical.

FLAWS: Frankly, despite my similarities to marriage, working and raising children I could not relate to the main character.  I had a hard time with Izzy’s eternal struggle of doing things just because others (in her friend circle) were doing them.  Mind you, these were not small decisions, but life decisions turned trendy such as:  divorce, having children, getting married and hiring nannies.  I contribute my disconnect perhaps to my inexperience with NYC life.  However, I depend on the author to relate such differences and create a plot and character that appeals to my sympathy.  This fell very short.

Bitsy’s Rating: 1 Star

*Advance uncorrected copy submitted for review


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One Response to The Seven Year Bitch

  1. Teresa says:

    Too bad this one didn’t live up to your expectations. I was hoping to read this one at some point but it looks like my time might be better spent on something else.

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