Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

Author Robin Caroll

*ARC Edition provided by B and H Publishing for review

With his father in a nursing home and his mother needing support, former Great Smoky Mountains park ranger Lincoln Vailes moves to the bayou town of Eternal Springs, Louisiana, to become a police officer. Recent college graduate and eager social worker Jade Laurent has also moved there to try and right the wrongs of an abusive past. But someone is running her car off the road and pointing guns in her direction. As Lincoln investigates her case, he uncovers ties to big-city gang warfare up north that appears to be making its evil way down south.

Gems: A heart felt tale about a women who overcomes tragedy in her life and relies on her faith to do it. The story is lightly inspirational, filled with hope and enduring love, as well as showing the capacity to forgive. The book stands on the ideal that good can come from bad happenings. The main character is a firm believer that things happen for a reason and if a person opens their eyes and looks, they’ll see what God’s greater purpose is, or at least accept what comes. No new thematic insight is presented through the expression,”Everything happens for a reason,” but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded.

Flaws: A cookie cutter plot that isn’t very suspenseful. It runs it’s course and the outcome, or ‘bad guy’ is predictable. The religious references are basic and hinge on reading more like a Sunday school lesson than an actual epiphany. The setting is completely neglected and vague. Given that the story takes place on the bayou, I was disappointed that the author didn’t utilize this mysterious place more and tie it in with the tale. Instead, the characters were simply moving about and honestly, it could have been in any city. The setting was insignificant and I felt this was a terrible waste. Even though this was suppose to be drawn from personal experiences, I felt little emotional connection and wasn’t that invested. I should have had more sympathy for the characters, but this was merely plot with stuff happening. Also, repeating scenes and recapping by the characters is unnecessary. I don’t want to read the same thing over and over. It wasn’t that astounding the first time and once was more than enough. I found myself skimming pages, which is a bad sign and something I rarely do.

Bitsy’s Rating: 2 Stars


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