This Week’s Featured Authors!

Interview Duane Simolke

Visit the West Texas town of Acorn! Enjoy the German festival, a high school football game, homemade apple pie from the Turner Street Cafe, and the cool shade of a hundred-year-old oak tree. Meet dedicated teachers, unusual artists, shrewd business owners, closeted gays, and concerned neighbors. See how lives become intertwined in moments of humor or tragedy. Just be careful, because in Acorn, the sky is always falling! From romantic comedy to razor-sharp satire to moments of quiet reflection, these award-winning tales transform a fictional West Texas town into a tapestry of human experiences.

Interview Jeanette A. Fratto

Changing the course of one’s life doesn’t usually result in mystery and danger. Linda Davenport certainly didn’t anticipate such an outcome when she left her stable, predictable life as a teacher for new beginnings, but unexpected events dictated otherwise. Flying from Detroit to Los Angeles, she meets Carol Alder. Their acquaintance promises to blossom into a close friendship. Settling in at the home of Edith Carter, she spends a day with Carol before starting her new job in publishing. In a few days Linda’s world is turned upside down when her job fails to materialize and Carol is killed in an auto accident under mysterious circumstances. Determined to remain in California, Linda is thrown into further turmoil when Carol’s brother Gregory is convinced her death was no accident and believes someone in the probation/court system, where Carol worked, was responsible. But why? Linda’s job hunting takes her into Probation where she begins to uncover disturbing information that leads her to agree with Gregory. Linda never reveals to her co-workers that she knew Carol. As she learns more about the system, she puts together more pieces of the puzzle. Along the way she reconnects with David Wyndham, a former college love, now overseeing a local drug program, the success of which is crucial to his future. He becomes her ally in her quest to learn why Carol died, but when she uncovers what may be the truth, it threatens not only his future but possibly their future together. Conflicted by her sense of duty and her love for David, Linda nevertheless follows her conscience, with a resolution both logical and surprising.

Interview Christopher S. Tolley

A hit man who can’t remember his phony name screws up. His victim lives long enough to describe him. Ex-cop turned attorney Neville Hartley agrees to help Nicky Findlay’s father resolve a debt to a shady lender. Findlay saved Neville’s brother’s life. It’s Neville’s turn. With assistance from a popular newspaper columnist, Neville figures out the shady lender caught the father in a mortgage scam. The old man is about to lose his house. Worse, the shady lender gets wise to Neville and puts Neville’s life in danger. Then the forgetful hit man comes after Neville, too. In an attempt to redeem a shattered life, beautiful Arizona Douglas, an aging, down and out exec, and former shady lender employee, assists Neville. With her help, Neville uses his unerring (sometimes) sixth sense about people and discovers the shady lender is backed by a Wall Street darling who’s either an investor with ‘vision’, or the SEC hasn’t caught up with him yet. To help the old man, and smoke out the killer, Neville and Arizona come up with a scam shadier than the lender’s darkest imagination. Only this time, the bad guy is the mark.


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