Purple Jesus

Purple Jesus
Author Ron Cooper

When Purvis Driggers, a South Carolina Low Country loser with little sense and less hope, seeks out the fortune of a murdered old man and comes up empty-handed, he latches onto the only escape he can find: Martha, the beautiful woman being baptized across the lake. But Martha is not who Purvis thinks she is—she’s every bit as trapped as he is,…

Gems: What does a monk, condensed milk and a town of backward country hicks have in common? Purple Jesus! I admit I was skeptical when I glimpsed a review claiming that this book belongs on the shelf beside Flannery O’Connor’s, Wise Blood, which is one of my all-time favorites. However, after reading Ron Cooper’s writing, I stand-up and applaud.  Hell, I cheer!  I give a woot, dance a jig and shout amen.  Yes, indeed Purvis and his crew can toe the line beside O’Connor’s religious misfits. So how does it compare? The dialogue is authentic, Cooper’s voice original and the symbolism evokes humor, philosophical thought and moral dilemmas as well as perceived sexuality.  A string of items are presented and seemingly unrelated, somehow connect and relate. For me, this story was about perception and assigning meaning to anything. An extremely entertaining read with a deep undercurrent. If you are a fan of Flannery O’Connor or Chuck Palahniuk, you will dig this book. I highly recommend. I received the ebook for review, but intend to purchase the paperback because this book needs to be on my shelf so I can read it again, and again. I’d love to discuss the story in a book club forum. Purple Jesus will definitely make my top 10 must reads of 2010.

* ebook provided for review compliments of publisher and Net Galley

Bitsy’s Rating: 5 Stars


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  1. I’ve been a bit skeptical about this one myself. Glad to hear that you liked it!

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