Reader Appreciation Giveaway

I love my followers and hope to attract a few new ones to my awesome book review site.  Many of you might have noticed that I’ve increased my giveaways.  I want to keep this rolling, but I have to meet the minimum requirements for certain contests.  Bitsy Bling Books would love to enter the elite circle of 500.  However, I can’t do this without the reader/followers help.
*Contest is open to anyone who is interested in winning a gift card to either Amazon or Book Depository (winner’s choice).  Amount may vary due to follower total at deadline. Ends November 29.  Can we do it?  Yes, we can!

Here’s the Pitch:

I have a $10 Amazon OR Book Depository card (winner’s choice) ready to go.  BUT wait, it gets better!  For every ‘benchmark’ I will add $5 to the card.

Followers = Book bucks
200= $15
300= $20
400= $25
500= $30

Wouldn’t a $30 gift certificate really help out around the holidays?  Maybe you’d like to use it towards gifts or make a dent in that wish-list you’ve accumulated!

BUT wait!  What if you already follow?  I don’t want to exclude anyone from the fun.  After all, I appreciate my followers!  So, bonuses will go to those who spread the word through the social networking universe (ie. Twitter, Facebook, Blog).  Old and new lets join in and see if we can get this card maxed!

+1 for old followers
+2 for new followers
+2 for tweeting about giveaway (up to 3 tweets)
+2 for any social networking mention (up to 3 mentions)
+5 for posting about giveaway at blog

Click on FORM to enter. Comments are greatly appreciated, but will not count as entries. Remember to scroll all the way to the end of form to ‘submit.’ ENDS November 29 (midnight PST).

Click on GFC follower to join Bitsy’s entourage.  Google connect is in right-side bar at the expanded Bitsy Bling Book site.


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