Cynthia Enuton

Cynthia Enuton

Angel in A Fur Coat

It’s true, angels are trading their wings and halos for fur coats and bones to become dogs on Earth but first they must learn what it means to be a dog.

Through the mystical gates of the Heavenly K9 Academy, Professor Pugly welcomes the ‘angel pups to be’ with the school’s motto: ‘The Earth was created in six days and on the seventh day, the dog rested at thy Master’s feet.’

Explore the wonderful world of dogs through the eyes of one little special angel whose everlasting dream is to be a person’s best friend. With the magic and mystery of Harry Potter and the devotion and love of Marley and Me, Angel in a Fur Coat will leave you with the question, what if dogs really are angels…
angels in fur coats.

Q: How did you come up with your story?
I’ve worked with emotional challanged kids in a residential facility for a little over 13 years and I would bring my dog at the time, Lindsey, to work with me. Lindsey had a way of making the kids feel comfortable, petting her and brushing her as they opened up about difficult issues. I nicknamed Lindsey, a little angel in a Fur Coat. When I moved to Florida 4 years ago, Lindsey passed away at the age of 16 years old and I took in a Florida dog, a puppy I named, Xia. And then I noticed something peculiar about my new puppy…she had one single pink toe…and my imagination took off. I develpoed my story of how angles train to become dogs on earth. They attnd the heavenly K9 acedemy where they learn about various dog breeds and different dog jobs and are assigned a person for earth. And when they graduate they get a fur coat and are born on earth to find the person they were made for…and of course there is the underlying mystery of the legend of the pink toe.

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a writer?
I would have to say the love I’ve shared with my dogs…since I was 3 years old, I’ve always had a dog by my side. I never imagined that I would some day write a book…I didn’t even read all that much. My work with the medical field and court system primed me for writing in the show don’t tell format. Medical records and court reports are written non subjectively so I was wrting in dialog all the time at work….allowing the reader, usually psychiatrist and judges, to draw thier own conclusions.

Q: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? Why?
Still working with children and dogs…but I would have loved to be a zoologist or a Vet but having to disect animals kept me away.

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