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Say NO (You Can’t) to Commercial Whaling

Psychosis of A Super Villain

Which is Better:  Stun Gun or Pepper Spray?

Amityville Hoax or Haunted House?

Miss USA:  An Exploitation of Another Kind?

Why Not Try A Giant Cork?

Menaissance Movement

Stop!  Grammar Time

Making A Real Connection To Setting

Whale, It’s What’s For Dinner

The Upside To Kidnapping A Corpse

The Story Behind The Book

Venus De Milo In Bikini?

The Story Behind The Haunt

The Original Gruesome Fairy Tale

5 Reasons Why Tips Aren’t Helpful

5 Reasons I Watch Whale Wars

The Wolf God and Mardi Gras

The Three Legends of Valentine’s Day

A Quick Guide To Creating A Psychopathic Character

Sinopsis of Envy

Is Venus Less Violent Than Mars?

My Prickly Thorn With Twilight:  Mormon Overtones

Warning: May Contain Dirty Little Words

The Creeping Pestilence of Clichés


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